Last weekend I travelled to Buenos Aires to attend to the latest RubyConf Argentina.

It was my first conference outside Uruguay, and I have some opinions to share.

In general it was a great conference, it had some bad things -the air conditioner wasn't working fine and the heat was intolerable- but the quality of the people and the talks made that most of the people stayed up to the last minute of the conference.

The fact that it was my first conference outside my country made me try to get to know new people from other countries and that was a great plus for this event. Most of the times, when you attend to a local conference, you already know most of the people, and even if you don't, you don't care too much, because at least here in Uruguay -a really small country- you can meet anybody anywhere. But when you attend to a foreign event, you may be knowing people that you don't know if you are going to even see each other again. Maybe you do some twitter friends but the fact is that for example I don't know when I will be able to speak with Jano Gonzalez (@janogonzalez) again. And that forced me to do so this time.

The talks where great, there where a lot of topics treated like: microservices, arangoDB, simplicity, algorithms, rubick cubes, docker and some more.

One thing I was disapointed about this is that I was looking forward for a talk that was announced about running ruby on a raspberry pi but the speaker just cancelled and I didn't notice until the second day of the conference.

Visiting a conference outside Uruguay made me realize that the ones being organized here are just great, now I have a point of comparison and I can say that RubyConf Uruguay was excellent. I hope they will be organizing a new edition next year.

In summary, the experience was great, I look forward to attend to some other conference overseas and keep knowing great new people.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend to the first edition of JSconfUY, for those who doesn't know what it is all about, it is a two-day-long conference about Javascript. yeah, pretty nerdy but it was excellent.

Just about one year ago, I wanted to check if there was any tool that can show some statistics from a git repository, just for fun, the idea of having a resume of my git log with some charts was a great one for me.

The thing was the only thing I found was a gist from a guy named Tobin Harris which can be seen here. And I never created a ruby gem before so the idea of porting that to a gem was cool.

After following a few simple steps detailed on website, I had the first version of Gitalytics working and published to the world.

Some time after that, I received my first Pull Request, I felt so excited I can't just explain here with words. I received the first colaboration on my first open-source project. Somebody took the time to actually read my code, write a fix and send me a pull request. WOW!

Now, I'm working again with Ruby, Rails, Git (I had a year of PHP, Wordpress, Symfony, Javascript and SVN) and I just wanted to give Gitalytics a push, to make it useful for other people and to help me keep learning about Ruby.

Before ending 2013 I started this journey, Gitalytics came from v0.0.1 to v1.1.1 in less than 2 weeks with lots of new features (it grew from showing a few lines on the console to writing a full html report with graphs images and colors!)

The good news is that it seems to have a good look and lots of people now had installed it. It recently achieved the first milestone of 1000 installs and I'm looking forward to make that number go pass the 5000 in the near future.

I never thought of creating something people would star on github, right now it has 14 stargazers. And yesterday I merged 2 pull requests with bug fixes.

Sorry for the long post, if you happen to read this far what I have to say to you is that some time ago I would never thought about writing something open source. Today I can say, open source is fun, it helps you learn and maybe, just maybe you can save the day for someone else with your work. Just as lots of other devs are saving yours daily.

Hi, thank you for stopping by my new website.

I will try to mantain this thing updated with interesting stuff (at least interesting for me).

Stay tunned for new posts and feel free to leave your comment!